Professional and life skills courses offered by LYDIA Inc.

Transitioning from any role in life can be a challenge. You’ve learned the skills necessary for life in the military. Now, it’s time to apply those skills in the civilian world. 

Lecture-based video-series. 

Worksheets and workbooks.

Face-to-face interactions.

Discussion boards and chats. 

Self-regulation and emotion intelligence.


Family life. 


120 hours of video-based lectures, face-to-face interactions, MP3/4 recordings, worksheets and workbooks, books, and other resources. 

60 hours of self-hypnosis instruction, including video-based lectures, face-to-face interactions, worksheets and workbooks, books and other resources. 

Thank you for your interest in our Self-Regulation Training package. 

These are recorded sessions for your benefit. 

Personalized recordings will be provided with a face-to-face conversation, either in-person or over Zoom, Skype, or other video-conferencing platform. 

What’s offered?

  • Behavior Modification Techniques
  • Relaxation Skills
  • General Recordings
  • Personalized Recordings
  • Face-to-Face Conversations
  • MP3/4s
  • Worksheets or Workbooks
  • Books and Other Resources

Hypnosis in Childbirth, third trimester preparation, relaxation, and techniques to prepare body and baby for delivery. 

Hypnosis in child birthing: in addition to regular labor and delivery classes, positive pregnancy walks with a mother through her pregnancy and beyond. 

Pre-pregnancy: preparing the body for pregnancy

Trimester one: connecting with baby and body

Trimester two: sacred labor - growing a baby

Trimester three: hypnosis for child birth

Trimester four: taking care of baby and body